01:57:56 EST Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Welcome Motorcycle Linux Amateur Radio Programming IP Camera

Currently my ride is a 2007 BMW R1200GS. I have a few goodies for it and this page has links to places I look at to keep an eye on what is available for it. I also had a 2001 BMW F650GS and there are some links here for that bike as well.

Now, if you are visiting and have a site that maybe useful please send it along so I can check it out. If the site fits into the scheme I will add the link.

When I remember I bring along a camera and have it attached to a handlebar mount. I capture some fun footage of my rides with friends or when I am just out and about. Check them out here: Bike Rides.

This page has some pics of what I have on the GS, Check out my bike.

BWM R1200GS Parts & Accessory Links

Rider Organizations & Information